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At Astute Martech, we are a team of professionals who are Client-centric and Employee Driven. We are a Market-First Agency, well trained to deliver quality contacts to help you nurture the right prospects. We believe in keeping you on the center stage to understand your industry needs and confer a solution that makes perfect business sense. Astute Martech takes pride in serving its clients to the utmost satisfaction, and we comprehend your expectations with our association.
At Astute Martech, we believe that Learning is a never-ending process. Our continual efforts in working towards providing a better outcome for our clients bear testimony to our belief. We don't believe in being our own hype master; instead, we let the numbers do the talking. We have delivered over 15,000 Leads to 10+ clients and hosted over 1,000 virtual coffees.
We place a great degree of conviction in our capabilities and assertively guarantee the business outcomes you desire, as we believe in committing less and delivering more. After 2 years of successfully assisting clients to reach their end goals, Astute Martech has developed a bond of trust and a feeling of partnership that would last generations.
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Nawaz Shaikh

Nawaz Shaikh

Founder, CEO

Kind-hearted, ambitious, and thoughtful leader, Nawaz is the perfect persona of a family man. He is an industry veteran with nearly One decades of experience; Nawaz actively overlooks the company's performance.